Electrical Infrastructure

We have extensive experience in the design, deployment and maintenance of all types of distribution systems – from initial design to final commissioning and testing.

Power Distribution

Our skilled engineers design, manage, install and implement small and large scale distribution systems for new build requirements, and for full or partial upgrades to existing systems.

Power Distribution

UPS Backup

Consistent, regulated and managed power is the essential back bone to many organisations. Remark offers a comprehensive choice of power management solutions from industry leading manufacturers. This includes Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), DC Power Solutions, Surge Protection, Switchgear, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Remote Monitoring and much more.

UPS Backup

Energy Efficient Lighting

There are significant financial savings to be made through the installation of modern, energy efficient lighting systems. Whilst the install costs may be slightly higher, the payback time on lighting systems incorporating LEDs can be as little as 12 months, allowing your organisation to see significant returns on investment over the long lifespan of LED technology light fittings.

Bespoke solutions

If your needs are less than straightforward, that’s no problem, we’re used to that. Remark can design, install and maintain a bespoke solution that exactly suits your requirements. Whether you want to protect your home or workplace with the added security of an intruder alarm, install an innovative lighting system, or complete a rewire, Remark’s electrical contractors are sure to power your imagination and help you to solve any problem. Our experience and expertise make it easy for us to prevent unexpected, and inconvenient, electrical failures and to save you money through energy efficiency measures.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared inspection (or Thermography) is used as a key diagnostic tool for finding problems. We specialise in Thermal imaging surveys and appraisals which are a non-destructive, non-contact and cost effective way to detect and document defects.

External Lighting

Adequate provision of external lighting is essential in providing a safe environment. It also limits light pollution by reducing upward glare.

Electrical Testing Services

Remark can provide your business with industry leading electrical testing and inspection services. Our team of engineers will rectify problems quickly to ensure your electrical infrastructure is compliant and eliminates unexpected failures that would result in power loss.